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Welcome again, to Make Money Medicine Hat! The website that teaches you how learn to earn online, for free! My name is Jared and I live in Medicine Hat. I am also an Affiliate Marketer. If you want to learn, that’s what I am here to teach.

Online Education

Times have changed and learning online, and making money online are now not only totally legit, but everybody wants to know where to score!

This whole website came about as a way to showcase Medicine Hat, the city I moved to over a decade ago. I have learned everything there is to know about being online and making money from the number one place on the internet to be.


Now the City of Medicine has been often thought of as a retirement community.  There are many generations of families living here. From Seniors Citizens down to their Grandchildren.

The cool thing about learning how to make money online means it doesn’t matter where you liv. Medicine Hat is just perfect to talk with the rest of the world through your website and different social media platforms.

As for age, well honestly the tech crowd is getting younger and younger. Chances are the average 10 year old could build a website, which is also great news. Like I said, Anybody.

Any Idea

So know I want you to know that any idea is a good idea these days. Have you heard of TikTok? I am not saying I am a big fan or anything but there is some neat and some crazy stuff happening there. I saw a video from Medicine Hat. Some kids were parked at a Tim Horton’s and there was a big bump on the main road in front of the parking lot.

These kids were filming these cars that didn’t slow down. I saw the video posted on Facebook with a headline that said Medicine Hat is famous.

Point is, anybody old enough to understand the internet a bit, click the right buttons and open an email, can start learning how to make money online. That means anybody here in Medicine Hat too!

Did you know that everyday there are more and more people who are new to the internet!

Can you imagine if you just got to see the internet now first the first time instead of years ago?

Every single day new people get on the internet and search for different things for the first time.

I can tell you all the different things that people have searched about in Medicine Hat.

They have googled the Medicine Hat News quite a lot.

The normal searches for the location of the City of Medicine Hat.

There are also many searches for The City of Medicine Hat jobs or Medicine Hat Hiring.

I also created a website called as a great example of how affiliate marking works.

Out of all of these people I am talking about, the top 3 things people search for are love, how to make money and health advice. Possibly not in that order.

Making Money

When I first moved to Medicine Hat from Calgary is when I found the number one school on the internet to learn affiliate marketing. I moved to Medicine Hat because the population was around 65,000 and I thought there is going to be a lot of opportunity for any industry, especially online.

I didn’t know much about Medicine Hat either, like I said in my about post. I was just happy to be doing well with my company and they wanted me to move here.

The internet has since morphed into some incredible things. It doesn’t matter where you live either, even in Medicine Hat we are connected to the world.

The making money online lifestyle is gaining more and more momentum as well. The trick is to figure out what is real and tangible, versus gimmicks. There are more then enough systems to buy into, the question is do they work.

I would like to become known around Medicine Hat as that guy online, or that guy on youtube. That is how I plan on making money online.

This site was created so that I can keep learning, and show other people who might not have the finances to learn anyways.

Medicine Hat

From what I have learned since being online part of WA, is that the whole idea behind being online and making money, is to be genuine. To build traffic, and trust and that will turn into sales and profit.

I like being here in Medicine Hat and I really enjoy the chance to show other people what is possible!

Remember the any idea thing? It’s cause it’s true! The only bad idea these days is the ones you don’t try!

I decided to take everything I have learned up until now and show it off the way I was taught to online! And, at the same time I figured what a great way to showcase where I live! And rather then just keep thinking about it, here I am doing it!

The truth of the matter is I think anybody here in Medicine Hat or anywhere in the world should know about these opportunities.

Are they for everybody? Absolutely not, in fact even writing this first post is considered so much of a challenge many give up before they even complete this task.

Having Fun

That’s why I figured was such a great idea. Anybody who tries this out and has as much fun as I did will follow along or even go for it and join the premium membership the way I did too!

When successful people talk about the secret, the answer is always the same thing. Hard work. So the same way the course and the first phase of bootcamp ends at the online University, I am closing this post like that too.

If you have come all this way and you are ready to keep going because so far this has been a peice of cake, then here we go! Let’s learn to earn online, lets Make Money Medicine Hat, and anywhere else too!

See you soon. Leave your questions and comments.

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